Consider the option of Taobao agent for Many Reasons

When it comes to the Taobao, it is the most popular online shopping site that ran under Alibaba group. It allows sellers to post goods for sale either through a fixed price or auction. Through this site, you are permitted to buy all types of items from the sellers. As a buyer if you want to buy anything from this site, then you need to hire Taobao agent. Want to know why? Then you need to read the below mentioned important things.

You are unable to translate Chinese language;

Every single thing of Taobao website from item listing to user interface is in Chinese; so, if you are one of them who is unable to understand the Chinese language, then you need to take help from the Google translate tool. But you will identify that after using that tool you will be failed to understand some important and unconceivable words. In this scenario, you should get the services of the seller who have the intention to sell the things outside China; so, their listing consist of English keywords. Additionally, if you want to buy anything from international brands for example “Nokia” or “iPhone”, then this process will be more easy for you.

The process of finding reliable seller is not much easy;

I always recommend to work with experienced and trustworthy sellers but on the other hand, I understand it too that it is not easy to find the experienced and trustworthy seller who can processed your transactions in a helpful manner and then deliver you at preferred time. To check the reliability of the seller, it is important to check his profile before making an order. Once you will check his website you will get to know about the seller ranking. Hearts shows lowest ranking, diamond shows followers, blue crowns and yellow crowns shows the highest ranking.

Always give preference to the Taobao agent;

If you are one of them who are living outside of China, then I always recommend you to get the services of agent. Basically, the agent performs the role of the middleman between you and the Taobao seller and helpful regarding communicate, payment, shipping of items and searching for a specific product. The option of preferring local agents is also best because it charges much less price from you.

To conclude, above mentioned are some important things that you should know before buying anything from Taobao. If you need any additional information, then you should search it first or take the recommendation from the experienced person for better explanations.

SIP Trunking Simplified

The technology of SIP trunking may sound a bit overwhelming but the truth is the concept is very easy to understand and pretty much everything you need to know about it is self explanatory, there are just a few considerations to bear in mind and you can enjoy its money saving benefits in an instant.

How it works

To make everything as simple as possible, a SIP trunk diverts your phone calls through the internet instead of using bundles of physical copper wires and uses no PRI (primary rate interface) and less PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) by doing so cost are significantly reduced. Furthermore it is also one of the most favorable way to centralized communication streams by many businesses around the world.

Things you need

There are four main components you need to flawlessly deploy the technology first is your Internet telephony service provider which will create the connection to regular telephone lines, second is your internet connection which is the bread and butter of the system, third is a border session controller that connects your PBX to your service provider and lastly is an IP based PBX.

How do you save money?

If you make a quick internet search for SIP trunking countless of search results will pop out discussing its advantages and all but to sum everything up the main advantage of a SIP trunk is its ability to reduce your phone bills by half mainly because of the cheaper dial rates, reduced line rentals cost and PRI elimination.

Fast set up and Maintenance free

On average it only takes about 10 business days for the system to be fully functional and investments are on a minimal side since it sits in the cloud subsequently maintenance happens in the cloud or in a remote server level so you need not to worry on that part.

How is the call quality?

Primary concern of business owners who are new to VoIP is the call quality, before any VoIP service are struggling to capture the market because of poor bandwidth but today innovations in internet connections paved way for VoIP to take the center stage of the telecommunication industry and just about anyone can access reliable internet connection especially with the introduction of the 4G network.

Is there any lock in periods?

It varies, but most VoIP providers offer no lock in contracts unlike traditional carriers that will oblige you to sign a year contract at the minimum.

How Many Steps a Day to Lose Weight – Get the Facts

Many of us wonder, “How many steps a day to lose weight?” It’s true that walking is one of the most popular forms of exercise world-wide. All comprehensive weight loss systems include exercise as one of their main components.

Of course, walking is commonly one of the forms of exercise that is recommended for those who are trying to lose weight. But what about the exact number of steps? Well, your beginning number widely varies from person to person. It’s based on your current activity level, and then works up to the magic number of 10,000 steps per day.

Step #1) Knowing your Current Activity Level:

This is the first step that you need to take to determine how many steps a day to lose weight. So you need to purchase a pedometer and wear it for a few days, do not do anymore walking than you would normally do. Keep track of your steps each day and then figure out what your average number of steps per day is. This is not a test meant to judge your fitness level; this is only used to give you a starting place for your walking plan. Start with that number and try to add more steps every day.

Step #2) Set a Goal Number:

When deciding how many steps a day to lose weight, your goal should be to work yourself up to 10,000 steps per day. If you are already at 10,000 steps than try to increase the intensity of the steps you are taking, this will allow your body to burn MORE calories. When walking 10,000 steps remember that it is equivalent to a 30-minute exercise program or 5 miles. It is estimated that you will be able to burn between 300 and 400 calories per day by walking 10,000 and you can expect to lose about 1 pound per week.

Tips to Get Started:

After knowing how many steps a day to lose weight, you may be thinking that you cannot do that or that 10,000 is just way too many steps. There are some tips that may help you along your journey. Start slow and build yourself up but keep you routine regular. Skipping days or weeks will put you back to where you began. Purchase some comfortable shoes to wear and keep your pace at a workable level. To help fight boredom you may feel on your walk, ask a friend to go along with you or take along your iPod, it will help make the time go faster.

However, if you want to provide your body with the best HEALTH and optimize your weight loss DIET, a well-balance and nutritious diet plan MUST go hand in hand with your walking program. If you are combining the two then weight loss will not happen, especially at the pace that it could if you had the proper tools.